Consultancy services for utility companies

  • Support to utilities in managerial, administrative, commercial, financial, operating and maintenance activities, as well as public relations and human resource development
  • Institutional and operational consultancy for utility companies
  • Engineering expertise. Examination and assessment of technical status of engineering systems. Development of technical solutions for energy saving and substitution of natural gas with alternative fuels
  • Capacity building
  • Technical due diligence, feasibility studies
  • Capital investment planning
  • Tariff setting
  • Improvement of commercial operations
  • Strategy development, business planning, accounting, financial management and monitoring

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Housing maintenance and management

  • Creating enabling legal environment: development of key draft laws and sub-laws
  • Public outreach and education
  • Assistance to local governments to develop programs for promoting condominiums and co-financing residential energy efficiency improvements
  • Organizational and technical consultancy for condominiums /condominium associations
  • Energy audits of residential buildings and identification of energy efficiency measures
  • Capacity building


Technical assistance to central power bodies

  • Support in drafting laws and secondary legislation
  • Policy and strategy development including private sector participation
  • Carrying out research, analytical studies, and surveys
  • Assessment of effectiveness of government programs
  • Assistance in development of effective Social Safety Net
  • Public outreach and education: development and carrying out national information campaigns
  • Capacity building for central executive power bodies and national regulator


Technical assistance to local governments

  • Support in improving capacities of local governments in managing public utilities
  • Consultancy in financial management and pricing for housing and utility services
  • Support in attracting investment for infrastructure modernization
  • Engineering expertise. Development of technical solutions for energy saving and substitution of natural gas with alternative fuels
  • Assisting municipalities with planning, preparing and financing for clean energy projects
  • Social protection of low-income consumers of services
  • Public outreach and education. Information campaigns
  • Conducting of sociological surveys
  • Capacity building


Energy efficiency and energy saving

  • Technical expertise: energy audits of public and residential buildings
  • Assistance to local communities with planning, preparing and financing for clean energy projects by developing Municipal Energy Plans and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, and feasibility studies/design documents and cost estimates for infrastructure development / modernization projects, including assistance to finance projects from IFI loans and under public-private partnerships and ESCO arrangements
  • Strengthening capacity of utility companies and SMEs to compete in the bioenergy market
  • Development and implementation of training programs on energy saving and energy efficiency, nearly zero-energy buildings for various target audiences