Financing: Ukrainian Energy Company DTEK

Implementation timeframe: June 2018 – September 2019

Role of All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization Municipal Development Institute: sole implementer

Co-financing: local authorities, manufacturers/vendors of energy efficient materials and equipment, IFIs, international donors

Project geography: Ukraine


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The Project “Technologies for Clever Energy Efficiency at Our Homes” (abbreviation in Ukrainian TREND 1.0) is working to improve housing management at residential apartment blocks, facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency measures due to the use of the modern IT approaches, stimulate energy efficient behavior of building owners, and to raise awareness of building owners of energy efficiency and energy saving.


Project Tasks

  • Designing the innovative online platform TREND 1.0 and testing the platform by pilot homeowners associations. Homeowners Associations and building owners will use TREND 1.0 as a source of the up-to-date information on how to organize, finance and implement energy efficient measures.
  • Developing educational and information materials on housing management in buildings owned by homeowners associations, technical, legal and organizational issues regarding energy efficiency improvements, building relationships with resource suppliers. Disseminating the materials through the platform TREND 1.0.
  • Creating the environment for TREND 1.0 to become a national resource for homeowners.


Results and Achievements


  1. TREND 1.0 Online Platform (Beta Version) was designed. With the help of the platform homeowners associations will be able to estimate heat losses and allocate the losses in the building; estimate saving from energy efficiency improvements and determine key technical and economic indicators; select the best financing method to implement energy efficiency improvements.
  2. As of December 1st 2018 the number of platform users is almost 200.
  3. User Support Service was created to support platform users in exploring various options and filling in all the necessary forms.
  4. The Library was created at the Platform ( and is a depository of training materials and documents on the Platform, key questions and answers for homeowners associations and other useful information.



Project Activities/Events


Presentation/orientation meeting for homeowners associations and local authorities of Dobropillya (15.06.2018)

Orientation seminar for homeowners associations and local authorities of Velyke Dobropillya (24-25.07.2018)

Presentation/orientation meeting for homeowners associations and local authorities of Pavlohrad, Pershotravensk and Ternivka (12-13.09.2018)

Training seminar for homeowners associations of Velyke Dobropillya (9-10.10.2018)

Presentation on 20 apartment blocks in which energy efficiency improvements will be implemented (20.11.2018)