Project financing: DTEK
Project implementation timeline: September 2019 – December 2020
Role of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Municipal Development Institute”: Project implementer
Project co-financing: local authorities, producers of EE equipment/materials, IFIs, international donor organizations
Geographical coverage: Ukraine

Project’s site

Project goal is the public outreach (incl. school students, their parents and friends) regarding housing and communal knowledge and energy saving skills. The educational process is based on the free online distance-learning program (DLP), that ensures unlimited coverage regardless of participant’s location, 24/7 free access to the online program enabling users to study at convenient time, opportunity to use it for inclusive education, relevant information materials due to systematic updates according to legal amendments, changes in tariff policy and social safety net.


The Project comprises three components aimed at (1) education, (2) information and (3) capacity building of EE stakeholders. 

Within the educational component, all interested Ukrainian schools (regardless of their location) may choose the elective course “Energy supply and energy saving 101” (for the 6th-8th grades) and/or extracurricular course “ABC of housing and communal management” (for the 9th-11th grades), and/or the elective course “My EE house” (for the 4th grade). Information component covers public outreach on energy saving, housing and communal reform and key news, events and achievements of the Project in printed and online media, and social networks, public outreach activities carried out by students themselves within various Project contests and events, production of the information TV-programs and their broadcast at the regional and local channels in participant cities. The capacity building of EE stakeholders is aimed at ensuring the max efficiency of investment allocated by the local authorities for energy saving in state-owned buildings and the attraction of external investment to implement EE measures in state-owned and residential buildings.



  1. Project DLP approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (MoE) to be used at the schools 
  2. New elective course “My EE house” (for the 4th grade) introduced (approved by MoE in June 2019)
  3. Four round tables held at Ukrainian municipalities to launch expert discussion, gain educators’ support and test the methodology to include courses into model syllabi of Ukrainian schools and roll-out this activity at the national level
  4. Twenty interregional classes established
  5. Project got Partnership for Sustainability Award 2018 in “Planet” category
  6. Technical and methodological support of the learning process via DLP improved
  7. New contests and awards for school students, their families and schools introduced
  8. Solid information campaign carried out at national and regional levels



  • Students are now able to choose individual learning format for courses “Energy supply and energy saving 101” and “ABC of housing and communal management”
  • Four graders may join in via course “My EE house”
  • Students may establish interregional classes on their own
  • Individual students and interregional classes teams with biggest scores will go to the summer camp
  • Project takes on a transboundary dimension (international classes)
  • Among other things, new interesting contests are introduced

Educational and methodological materials for the courses are available at the Library page at the Project’s site.

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