Financing: DTEK

Role of MDI: Project implementer

Implementation period: March 2021 – June 2022

Project goal and objectives for 2021

The overall Project goal is to facilitate EE improvement at consumer level (public and residential buildings) through the following:

  • · Education of the well-aware and conscious consumers, who understand financial and technical issues of housing and utility services providers and who support them through rational consumption of energy resources and timely payments
  • · Education of responsible home owners, EE leaders, who are pro-active, motivated, and are good in housing and communal management
  • · Formation of grass root request for EE among general public, improvement of skills and knowledge about energy saving through information campaigns and educational programs

The Project tasks and expected results include:

  • · Creating innovative education opportunities via the distance learning program for the pro-active and eco-oriented pupils from Ukrainian schools, inc. those who plan to pursue career in energy, EE, RES, housing and communal management. The individual learning format (expected to cover min 9,000 pupils and 300 new schools in 2021) offers the following courses:

o   Basics of energy supply and energy saving for 6th-8th grades

o   ABC of housing and communal management for 9th-11th grades (incl. online game “Clever House”)

o   My EE house for 4th grade with innovative teaching approaches, aimed at active engagement of young parents to the learning process and Project activities

  • · Trainings and support for initiatives of eco-volunteers (min 4,000) across the country, promotion of behavioral changes thorough the information and outreach campaign
  • · Implementation of practical initiatives elaborated by Project participants (at least one EE/CE demo project implemented, developed by a participant school).
  • · Further roll-out of the “EE Schools Uniting the Country” Programme in school years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. Min 20 inter-regional classes established in 2021.
  • · Launch and implementation of the 3-year experiment, jointly with the Ministry of Education, at the national and regional level, aimed at EE and energy saving competences formation among schoolchildren via inter-discipline integration