Financing: Partnership Fund for Resilient Ukraine (PFRU)

Role of MDI: project implementer

Implementation period: November 2022 - May 2023


The hostilities, along with major damage to the critical infrastructure, have disrupted the education in Trostianets CTC and have been affecting it to this day. As per the request of Trostianets CTC, 3 educational establishments have been defined as ones to be primarily restored:

  • Secondary school No. 5 of Trostianets City Council
  • Buimer school No. 5 (block 2) of Trostianets City Council
  • Stanova secondary school of Trostianets City Council

During the Phase 1 of the Project such works have been performed:

  • examinations of the project sites done. This allowed MDI to assess the actual technical condition of the buildings, utility systems (DH, ventilations, DHW, lightning) and electrical equipment of the catering units
  • energy audit performed. MDI compiled the list of EE measures that address the technical condition and needs of each site
  • primary works to resume education at the selected schools defined.

The aim of the Phase 2 is to carry out EE rehabilitation projects in schools of Trostianets CTC, recommended for implementation in line with the energy audits of the buildings within Phase 1.


Thus, during Phase 2 the key activities will be:

  • procurement of the EE and restorative works in the damaged buildings, defined during Phase 1, except for Stanova school, where project activity will be focused on information campaign and distance learning via an online platform for children, teachers and parents
  • elaboration of a design estimate documentation for the simplest module shelter for 50 persons, as well as getting it reviewed
  • technical supervision during construction, compliance control and acceptance of the performed works
  • informational and outreach campaign on EE for the community residents.