On Nov 18-19 in Mariupol Kadriia Safiulina and Nataliia Aleksieieva delivered a consultancy event on capacity building of customer service dept at the local DH Company. N. Aleksieieva informed the participants about the legal novelties in the sphere of delivery and consumption of housing and communal services. Most part of the event was dedicated to the socio-psychological aspects of customer service and tips of effective communication. The participants performed practical tasks, learned the peculiarities of phone conversation and essentials of conflict management.


The attendees were particularly excited about the presentation on stress and self-regulation. They were offered solutions to enhance psychological resilience, improve mindful thinking and decision-making in stressful conditions.


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More than 60 utility reps attended the event. At the end of the first day the participants, who were extremely enthusiastic about new knowledge and skills, got their training certificates.


The following day a meeting with utility management took place. K. Safiulina led the discussion of company’s image. The participants agreed that building of utility’s image should be a work-in-progress. MDI specialists also gave recommendations on enhancing informative value and usability of the company’s site.


All attendees were proactive, amiable and welcoming. MDI experts were impressed by the expertise of the local specialists, their team spirit and eagerness to learn something new.


Mariupol DH Company dreams big. No doubt, such professional team will shortly succeed, hopefully, supported by the municipality and customers.


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