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MDI continues to implement the assignment under the Grant for “Educational Needs Assessment for Ukraine’s Energy Sector”. The Phase I is almost over. We are getting ready to report on its results.


During the Phase I, we have designed a banner. It was supposed to channel the main Grant’s message – importance of the energy enterprises’ needs in personnel and necessary knowledge and skills. So, the banner now shows delighted faces of a girl and a boy wearing square academic caps.


We also tried to recreate the most recognizable objects of Ukraine’s energy sector and reflect its magnitude –high voltage transmission towers, bringing light to our homes, turbine towers blown by fresh wind, sparkling waterfalls of big and small hydropower units that not only produce energy, but also protect the adjacent areas from flooding, and blue solar panels, powered by the solar energy expected to last for billions of years.


Our great designer has tried to consider all the team’s proposals, so the banner versions kept changing. When finally the image was approved, we still had to vote for the best color scheme. We kept in mind that tastes differ, but eventually came up with the final banner version. However, let’s skip the intro and take a look already.