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In December 2021 MDI started to implement a new project “Elaboration of the Sustainable Platform for Capacity Building in DH”, financed by the USAID Energy Security Project. During 18 months, the organization has to develop the online platform and fill it in with the informational content, as well as launch training activity.


The target audience of the platform includes DHCs and LSGs, which would like to build their capacity in operation and regulation of DH.


Project implementation includes:

  • Elaboration of the online platform to host the educational information on operation and regulation in the DH sphere (in particular, elaboration of the DH system, regulation and management of the DHCs, tariff policy, EE and technological refurbishment, as well as improved quality of customer service)
  • Extension of the database of the already available information and resources in DH with the materials of the courses, webinars, trainings and other events (adapted to local context), elaborated within the project
  • Delivery of the tailored trainings for DHCs and LSGs
  • Elaboration of the business plan to ensure the sustainable functioning of the online capacity building platform in DH


Key MDI specialists and international experts will be engaged in the preparation of the training materials and delivery of trainings. The latter will cover the main aspects of DHCs’ operation.


It is expected that the newly established platform will become a reliable and up-to-date source of information regarding the essential topics of DH development, will be a networking hub, a place to share experience and receive the methodic recommendations on solving the pending issues. Users of the online platform will become active participants of the training process and will generate ideas regarding DH reform with regard to EE, market relations, establishing partnerships with consumers.