Technical audit of municipal infrastructure

  • Technical (energy) audits of facilities and networks operated by utility companies (district heating, centralized water supply and sewage, street lighting, solid household waste disposal, electric transport). Development of recommendations for increasing effectiveness of systems and facilities.
  • Energy audits of residential and public buildings and industrial objects.
  • Feasibility of substitution of fossil fuels with alternative and renewable energy sources. Assessment of energy potential of alternative energy source by type. Assessment of market conditions for renewables.
  • Feasibility studies and design and cost estimates. Environmental Impact Assessment. Compliance with State Building Norms and requirements of state expertise for new construction and municipal infrastructure, public and residential buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Conducting the organizational and technical monitoring of construction sites, including technical supervision and field supervision.


Attraction of investments in energy saving and renewables

  • Assistance to municipalities and territorial communities to develop technical solutions (feasibility studies) and Business Plans in seeking grants/loans from IFIs and financing from the international donor and development assistance community.
  • Assistance to local self-governments to obtain financing from the Regional Development Fund and other special state and regional programs.
  • Investment attraction assistance through ESCO.
  • Facilitating effective public-private partnerships.