MDI provides consultancy services to its clients to:

  1. Assess effectiveness of energy usage in public and residential buildings (energy scanning).
  2. Conduct energy audits of public and residential buildings and industrial facilities.
  3. Develop Municipal Energy Plans and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans for communities.
  4. Prepare feasibility studies, design documentation and cost estimates on infrastructure development/modernization projects, incl. assistance to local governments in obtaining loans from IFIs.
  5. Develop engineering solutions to substitute natural gas with alternative and renewable energy sources and diversify natural gas supplies.
  6. Design technical solutions for improving performance of engineering systems and installations which generate, transport, and consume heat energy and fuels.
  7. Identify and evaluate projects and assess risk regarding EE and energy saving investment projects.
  8. Attract investments in infrastructure projects under PPPs and ESCO arrangements.
  9. Conduct public education in EE and energy saving; develop training materials and curricula and implement training programs, incl. distance learning programs, for school children and university students
  10. Conduct trainings in nearly zero-energy buildings for building industry specialists, workers, and non-specialist decision-makers.
  11. Conduct trainings and certify specialists in assessment of energy performance of buildings and energy examination of engineering systems in buildings.


Ruslan Tormosov
Executive Director of All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Municipal Development Institute"
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