MDI's capacity and experience regarding effective housing maintenance and management covers, but is not limited to, the following activities:



Development of enabling legal environment: drafting of normative legal acts and amendments to primary and secondary legislation on

  • maintenance and management of a multi-apartment building
  • taxation for condominiums
  • energy saving
  • provision of housing and communal services
  • commercial metering of communal services


Participation in the National Council on Support to Condominiums and in public councils established within central executive power bodies



Assistance to local governments

  • Assistance to develop local programs for supporting condominiums and co-financing residential EE improvements, incl. through ESCOs
  • Assistance to establish and support to Condominium Advisory Centers, incl. training Centers' personne;
  • Consultancy on: apartment blocks management, incl. selecting and appointing a housing manager; set up and operations of condominiums; implementation of demonstration projects in apartment blocks with condominiums in partnership with manufacturers/vendors of EE materials and equipment
  • Assistance to develop and implement information and outreach campaigns for developing effective and responsible housing owners and to promote EE and energy saving


Assistance to condominiums and condominium associations

  • Consultancy on: routine operations; ownership in apartment blocks; decision-making by building owners; capital overhaul and deep retrofit in apartment blocks; non-profit status of a condominium; relations with service providers; financing EE improvements; metered service consumption 
  • Developing templates of documents for starting up operation of condominiums




Ruslan Tormosov, Executive Director of All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Municipal Development Institute"
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